Dream Flooring Specialist Fitters


Dream Flooring can supply and fit all types of flooring; we pride ourselves on offering advice on every kind of flooring we offer. We know that flooring can be a huge decision to make when it comes to your own home, that’s why if you need to call us or have us visit your property for any reason, our team is always on hand to help. Our estimation and measuring service comes with no charge; we do this so that you have the time to think about your works and will always have your quote waiting for you when you have decided.

We strive to help our clients in every way possible; we can uplift old flooring and move furniture if required. Everything required for the job, including transport, subfloor preparation, fitting, and fixings, will be included in the prices. Making sure the client is happy before leaving the property, we tidy and remove any waste from the site; we want you to feel as if you have walked into a showroom of your dream room.

Over the decades of experience with residential flooring, our team has been able to experience most products on the market, which has allowed us to specify the products that perform best and can be offered to our clients directly. Pricing can vary from brand to brand, and we can suggest products at all price ranges to allow the client to meet their budget; we will always advise each client about the benefits and issues to each product at all levels. Sampling can be provided and left with the client to envision their room at home; we often find seeing products in the environment they will be in is always the best for selection. Samples can be left with the client to help choose other items in the rooms like paint, wallpaper or furniture. We believe in making the process as painless as we can.

As a company, we strive to help others where we can; in doing this, we have researched extensively hygienic wall cladding. Although initially this was created for commercial use, the product has come on leaps and bounds and is perfect for use in the residential setting; whether you have allergies or want to keep extra clean, this is the product for you. This product not only protects from germs spreading and replicating it will diminish the possibility of black mould not only growing but also spreading spores, which can lead to breathing problems and illness. In the worlds current climate with COVID-19, we are pushing this product to try and help as many people as we can keep safe. Additionally, the cladding is extremely easy to maintain and clean; it is made of PVC. It will also allow complete room renovations meaning bright colours and patterns to keep everyone happy.

Our fitting team have grown as fitters working directly with our clients on-site; this has allowed us to meet your needs when it comes to fit and finish. Any last-minute changes or extras required, we are always on hand to help, and our fitters come prepared where they can so we can leave you smiling at the end of the day.

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